PhotoBook the area about my own christian lifestyle, photography, Interests and my attempt to climb mount kilimanjaro in 2009.

I have added the Good News area to the Photobook and included the contents of this section along with some pictures of training days before the Mount Kilimanjaro climb supporting the Whitewell Metropolitan Childrens Hospice in Nyeri Africa.

Further subjects will be added to Photobook and my hope is that viewers will enjoy the page, and want to return to it again.

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Mark Ireland

Banana Slug


Link text here...

The Banana Slug Lesson,

I have watched the UK news on Brexit as most people have and I believe that Britain

is at a point of no return. The problem Britain and the European Union have is there total Rejection of God and the values of the Holy Bible which is the foundation of God.

Consider these Words!

Micah 6 v 8 He hath shewed thee, O man, what is good; and what doth the Lord require of thee, but to do justly, to love mercy, and to walk humbly with thy God?

Britain and the European Union need to consider these words and beware of spending too much time on matters of too little importance to God the Lord Jesus Christ.

Consider your ways Britain, European Union, also Man.

We Are Britain


Link text here...Portrait Format Print
We Are Britain
© 2018 Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography


26/10/2018 "Photobook"

Studio / Digital Audio Guide 2018


Audio Interfaces ProTools HD 2018 Pdf "Photobook"

Summer Views


Some Images of Summer 2018 "Photobook"



Alive Belfast 2018

Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle · BelfastLink text here... "Photobook"

Sign of the Times


Link text here...Signs of the Times,

The return of the Lord Jesus Christ is very close at hand but many people do not believe the gospel
my hope is in Jesus Christ and his promise to those who love him.

John 3

16 For God so loved the world,
that he gave his only begotten Son,
that whosoever believeth in him
should not perish, but have everlasting life.

17 For God sent not his Son into the world to condemn the world;
but that the world through him might be saved.

If you have not asked Jesus Christ into your heart do so today before its to late.

June Summer Wedding Bride


Some images taken at a June Summer Wedding In County LondonderryLink text here...

00002018 GEISHA Girl


John 4
29 Come see a man, which told me all things that ever I did:
is not this the Christ.
Link text here...

Six in SOS


Six in SOS
6 new images photographed in County Down Northern Ireland
by Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography "Photobook"



Jesus I Love You Two Main Session Music "Photobook"

Four in May


Four images in May "Photobook"

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Mark Ireland


Printed Publications


Link text here...New Digitally printed publication work available directly from this website
in a selection of outputs including Art, Christian Design, Illustration, with typographic elements.

Vivid Ireland Photography


A pre-view from Vivid Ireland Photography of a self-published photo book is to be
completed with all new photographic images throughout a graphically designed
book from the creative output of VividIrelandPhotography.

Mark Ireland Vivid Ireland Photography will be making this book available from our
website also this new publication will also be available to index from Nielsen Book
Service, along with local booksellers, retailers, and online purchase services. "Photobook"

Jesus is the reason for the Season 2


Further pictures of our Christmas concert called
Jesus is the reason for the season photographed
at Whitewell Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast 2017. "Photobook"

Jesus is the reason for the season.


Link text here...Jesus is the reason for the season.
Whitewell Church Choir
Northern Ireland

Images at Christmas


Link text here...Link text here...Vivid Ireland Photography
Images that are different from the rest.

Four Photographic Designs


A small selection of four photographic designs. "Photobook"

6 New Images


Beyond the pier 2

Six new images from Vivid Ireland Photography
© Northern Scene Gallery
Captured 2017
Mark Ireland "Photobook"

Sketches from Scripture


Sketches from Scripture
5 illustrations
© 2017 Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography "Photobook"

Show Prints 2017


Black & White 2
To attendees of my End of Year Show at the University of Ulster 2017
Photographic prints will be available through this website drop me an
email regarding any prints you may require from the portfolio.


Mark Ireland

Preview : 2017
The culture of drawing in modern times. Has less influence on art, due to, photography.


Front cover of Edgar Degas (French, 1834-1917) Nude woman bathing, c, 1896-98 in charcoal, the inspiration for a new version rendered in pencil and part of the thought Lines book © 2017 Mark Ireland Vivid Ireland Photography.

OffSet Book


Preview : 2017
OffSet The culture of design in a modern time. An influence on art, architecture, and photography.

after Claude Lorrain.jpg


New illustrations 2017


John 3:16 illustration 1
John 3:16 illustration 2 "Photobook"

Behold the Star Christ is Born in Bethlehem


Link text here..."15382237"]Link text here...[/link]Behold the Star Christ is Born in Bethlehem.

580.5 Miles


Link text here...An overnight trip to Southern Ireland with some photography.

Revelation 17 v 17

For God hath put in their hearts to fulfil his will, and to agree, and give their kingdom unto the beast, until the works of God shall be fulfilled.
2 Thes. 2:11


Swallows of Britain


New Illustration inspired by the Festival of Britain 1951.
illustrations Gallerie:
© 2016 Mark Ireland "Photobook"

New illustrations added to the illustration/Design Gallerie.


Further illustrations @
thanks for looking into the photobook.

God Bless

Amsterdam photography added to the D3s Gallerie January 2016.


Link text here...9 Further Images of Amsterdam Link text here...

Down To Dublin


Photography of Dublin City Ireland is within the Southern Ireland Gallerie currently being updated.

God bless all for 2016

Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography "Photobook"

New Design Website


To Vivid Ireland Photography viewers I have a new website and over the coming months will be adding graphic design and creative branding elements to enhance the Mark Ireland and Vivid Ireland Photography business name keep your eye on the Photobook for further details.


Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography.

Spanish Resorts.


The Spanish Resorts sub-catagory will show recently introduced photography of Spain through smaller towns including the playground of Lloret De Mar one holiday resort on the Costa Brava which is 40 kilometres from Girona and 75 kilometres from Barcelona.

I first included images within the Fine Arts > Spain Gallerie but now include extended photography into Spanish Resorts these images also include Barcelona and Girona along with old town photography added to the existing gallerie.

Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography

Slemish Mountain Climb


Updated on 09.07.2015
Slemish Mountain and Surrounding landscapes County Antrim
Gallerie : Landscape of Slemish "Photobook"

Amsterdam Why not visit Church


Link text here...4 Why not visit Church in Amsterdam

Amsterdam 2


Link text here...Further Images of Amsterdam

New Metropolis
New Metropolis B&W

Amsterdam Photography


Link text here...4 Images of Amsterdam

3 for Winter


3 New Images for Winter

White Slemish
Winter Landscape
Winter White

3 New Images


3 new images and I hope you enjoy them.

Gallerie: Landscape White Landscape
Gallerie: Northern Scene The Forest
Gallerie: Northern Scene Cargo Boat

God Bless

New Images


To Photobook viewers added new scripture and photography including the following images.

Around the Corner 2
Matthew 13 v 24
Matthew 13 v 24 v 25

All things new


To viewers I would like to show all things new including added changes and updates to the overall website.

Over the last five months I have continued with creative methods in graphic design,typography, and study with less time for photography my intention and my hope would be to continue the website over the coming months and offer new images to all viewers.

God Bless

Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland Photography



Link text here...{Jesus} But when he saw the multitudes,he was moved with compassion on them,

Black & White Fine Art


Link text here...Black & White Fine Art in A2 and A3 sizes from this gallerie view a sub-menu directly below each Image for further pricing details. "Photobook"

Download Photolettering


A new area to Photobook offering content for download in Jpeg,and PDF formats. "Photobook"

Hi Five



Image Updates


To Photobook Viewers,

I have updated the "Clear Gallerie" with newer photography taken in County Fermanagh over the Summer, also further images of County Antrim and Belfast. I hope to Include new photography into all the galleries within the coming weeks and would thank everyone who have checked into the photobook or viewed the website galleries.

God Bless

Mark Ireland

Search feature


Website Update "Photobook"

A Word From God


Jeremiah 18 5-11
The letter r denotes a read along reference. "Photobook"

A View of Irish Landscapes


Sample for iPad "Photobook"

Hope now and forever


The Metropolitan Tabernacle Odyssey Arena 10th April 2011.

Having attended our church gospel rally with my son benjamin here are a few pictures taken on that evening. "Photobook"



Scripture: Ephesians 2:12 "Photobook"

Nikkor 16-35mm F4 ED VRII Update.


Nikkor 16-35mm F4 ED VRII Update. "Photobook"

Nikkor 16-35mm F4 ED VRII


Criterion of the Nikkor 16-35mm F4 ED VRII Ultra-Wide Zoom Lens. "Photobook"

Web Site Update


Web Site Update "Photobook"



Cycling Home.
Further antrim pictures within the Glens of Antrim Gallery. "Photobook"

Sand Dunes and Conifers


The picture was shot in canada and adjusted inside Adobe CS3 design suite standard. I try to keep my photography close to the captured views and only adjust for colour, sharpness, and dust were required to complete all Images. "Photobook"

The Iron Wheel


Black & white pictures often work better than colour this picture was shot in colour and reproduced inside Adobe lightroom 3 to give the lmage shown here. "Photobook"

Kilimanjaro Update


God Be the Glory "Photobook"

4 Peaks Training 8.9.2009


Team Training Day "Photobook"

4 peaks or more


Training day for Kilimanjaro "Photobook"

Keep looking Up


3rd Team Outing. "Photobook"

Kilimanjaro Climb update


1st Team Outing to Slieve Donard "Photobook"

Kilimanjaro Climb 2009


I am going with members of the Metropolitan Tabernacle Belfast to climb mount Kilimanjaro in Kenya at the end of October this year.
Having started to get into training for this event I have spent some time walking in the Mourne Mountains also I have started some fitness training and will be doing further walking and exercise sessions with the team before we leave for the sponsored climb.
This sponsored walk is for the children,s hospice in Nyeri Kenya opened by the Metropolitan Tabernacle and we are hoping to raise much needed funds to help the local people of Nyeri while in Africa church members will be distributing the contents of two containers for the local community and medical hospital opened in 2008.

I would be grateful for any sponsorship donations you can offer via this website and would thank you in your giving to this worthy cause.

thank you

Mark Ireland "Photobook"