PhotoBook the area about my own christian lifestyle, photography, music, Interests and my attempt to climb Mount kilimanjaro in 2009.

I have added the Good News area to the Photobook and included the contents of this section along with some pictures of training days before the Mount Kilimanjaro climb supporting the Whitewell Metropolitan Childrens Hospice in Nyeri Africa.

Further subjects will be added to Photobook and my hope is that viewers will enjoy the page, and want to return to it again.

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Mark Ireland

Spring Scene


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Location Comber Northern Ireland
Camera : Apple iPhone 14 Pro Max
Image © 2023 Mark Ireland Vivid Ireland Photography
Spring Scene © 2023 Vivid Ireland Photography "Photobook"

The Way


Picture : The Way
Location County Down
Camera : iPhone 14 Pro Max
Handheld Image IMG_0315.HEIC 24MM F1.78

Easter Week 23


Easter Week 23 my hope is to add some music that I have been recording to the Glory of God and my Saviour Jesus Christ.
The praise tracks are not completed fully but I hope to have them ready shortly for listening they may not be perfect but a short reflection for Easter.

This is my Story

Peace I give to thee
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Blessed assurance

Timeline Genesis


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1 And God remembered Noah,
and every living thing, and
all the cattle that was with him
in the ark; and God made a wind
to pass over the earth, and the
waters assuaged; Ex. 14:21 . lowered "Photobook"



Old and New Testamenrts
In the
King James Version

Video John 3 v 16