WALL-E Sound Design Project 09 12 20
WALL-E Sound Design Project 09 12 20
This post is to introduce the WALL-E Complete 09.12.20 3 2 480P sound design audio project where I created the foley and music for the opening scene..

My strategy with regard to project 2 Sound Design for Screen was that I reviewed the movie clip without sound before addressing WALL-E as my inspiration.I then considered how to go about the recording of these sounds in my recording and how to approach it’s overall ominidirectional sound design.
I had thought about where I should record the Foley and any additional sound this was to be at a location near my home a local car dismantlers outside Larne but upon going to speak with the owner it was not possible on the day I had called with him, however he agreed to let me have access if I returned later the following week.
I had to rethink of a more suitable location and where to start these recordings and then record the Foley as sound elements. I had an idea to return to a remote location around 30-35 miles outside of Belfast. I then proceeded to drive to this location with the hope of gaining access to the area for recording purpose only but to find a ‘No Access Sign’ so my plans where changed again. With some Inspiration from God I made my way towards Newcastle in County Down and a small salvage reclamation yard I knew about. Upon my arrival around one hour or so later I pulled into the main yard on a Friday morning to ask about some recording permission from the yard’s supervisor and main manager.

After speaking to the supervisor also the manager I was granted access to the yard area and told the crane driver could help if I wanted. It was suggested the crane driver could drop metal salvage objects from the crane which helped allow me to start some field recording of the scrap metal sounds some where to be used as Foley sound within the new soundtrack to WALL-E Project 2.The early morning start had helped me to be there before a usual busy Friday as there were little commercial lorries arriving at the yard so I was able to move more freely around the salvage and collect unique sounds from the various metal objects these included the following,

Metal Car Rims,Old Radiators,Metal Swarf,Metal H Beams,Copper Pipes,Gas Containers Metal Box’s with Lids.Stainless Steel Box with water inside (Drum Sounding)Nuts and Bolts,Pipe valve regulators. Metal Grid’s on the ground these Foley sounds were recorded outside a small engineering metalwork area within the main salvage yard.
I moved to different area’s within the yard where I recorded the following sounds Large Heating Radiators,Aluminum Rails,Aluminum Signs,Metal Car Suspension Springs (Bouncing) these were recorded several times.

Further recordings where made of Aluminum ladders (and it’s Runs)Metal Holding Boxes (Empty, Part Full, and Full of Aluminum parts, Aluminum cans were recorded as I moved them with my feet as metallic sounds for the scene where WALL-E stacks the square cubes within the movie then recordings of stainless steel pipes. I had an idea to blow across pipes to re-create air like sounds, from copper pipes as various pitched type sounds most of these did not make it into the final sound design project.

I had recordings of many different sounds from clean copper pipes to the rubber wheel tracks on a stationary work bulldozer these where mainly recorded before lunchtime and some recordings made after the yard employees returned from lunch. I finished these recordings shortly afterwards before thanking the yard manager and my drive back again towards Belfast and home on that Friday afternoon.

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