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Mark 10 : 16
While on a short break to newcastle in county down benjamin, sarah, maggie and myself joined into a fun activities program held by an american team from washington state usa they were hosting a cross-community project at murlough cottage caravan park and inviting anyone with an interest to come along.

The event was held in the parks play area each day and included games, songs, crafts, fun bible stories, along with other activities for kids of all ages. Between the dates of 9 - 13th august 2010 the children enjoyed a few hours having fun and being ministered onto by the young people from the USA.

The team came to Northern Ireland as part of their outreach program through the Youth Missions International organisation and to undertake various activities like jungle run, playing football, colouring, Puppet Theatre, and telling the children bible stories about jesus christ.

Having spoken to Anna one of the team leaders on our first day I asked if It would be possible to take some pictures of the event and the children enjoying the activities and storytime.

I also enjoyed the few hours we spent together as I watched my own kids play and make The Bread of Life Pictures with the other small children the time we spent with others was both creative and fun so I hope the washington team enjoyed the short stay and the people they met in Northern Ireland.

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My God bless you all.

Mark Ireland