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iPad App update

PhotoBook is a section of the website that I would like to encourage as well as enlighten, if you have any need I would like to help also your comments on its content would be appreciated.

Regarding the Apple iPad it has allowed me a way to view new Images and also showcase design and photography work through this exciting area of Digital Publishing and the Adobe Digital Publishing Suite.

I have spent some time designing the content within this new app the photography used for its visual Images along with its video content.

Having traveled to areas within Ireland over the last four months this project has taken me from Northern Ireland to the South of Ireland.
I think the app is near completion and hope its content is suitable for inclusion within ''A View of Irish Landscapes''.

If you would like to view this project I would like to make it available as a free download to anyone having the Adobe Content Viewer installed onto their computer a preview page of the developer content can be seen in this screen shot. The app should also be made available for free through the Apple App store subject to publication approval at

The Adobe Creative Suite includes Indesign CS5.0 or CS5.5 to which you can now design for print, web, and Interactive publications directly within the software without the need to learn code.
I have incorporate some new design features and typographic elements within my photography along with video footage the adobe suite of tools gives me more freedom to now create and output my work without design restrictions.

Users who install the Adobe Content Viewer onto any iPad can view rich design and photographic content via the touch sensitive screen of the iPad tablet and many new apps are currently being developed and released daily from various developers these offer a large range of subject matter,may apps are now free or available for sale at a low cost making new content available to any user check out the Apple App Store at for details.

Thanks for looking in

Mark Ireland