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Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Design &Web Premium

Adobe Creative Suite CS6 Design &Web Premium

Indesign CS 6

Having upgraded from the Adobe Creative Suite CS5.5 Design Standard.
I would say one of the best features for me within CS6 Design & Web Premium is being able to create content for both mobile and print.

A new feature called Alternative layouts is within Indesign CS.6 and it should make things easier to create custom sizes and see these within the layout of your spread.

The Older Method...

Using Indesign CS 5.5 I found the process of making Vertical or Horizontal Fine Art Photography quick enough using the File Menu > Document Setup Orientation these still require further adjustments when placed inside a document using different size orientations.

With the arrival of Indesign CS 6 Adobe have introduction a new feature called Alternative layouts making this process automated from within Indesign itself helping users quickly create various mobile and print documents inside your new or existing layouts.

The Newer Method...

Create a new document within the view panel go to Web in the document setup and choose Digital Publishing select Page Size iPad check the orientation of the document you want i.e. Vertical 768 px or Horizontal 1024 px then hit ok.The next step is select the Window in the menu at the top of your (Mac) computer and scroll down to Pages or hit the shortcut key Cmd F12 you will see the Pages in spreads inside Indesign CS 6 where you can then add a second alternate layout document to make a new orientation view of your project.
Working on variations of a design can give you multiple platform spreads for different mobile devices which can then use features like ( Liquid Layout, Linked Content, or Linked Objects ) I hope to offer further details on these In the coming weeks.