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VividIrelandPhotography Nikon 70-200mm F4 G ED VRII

Nikon 70-200 F4 ED VRII

Mark Ireland 15th March 2013

Hi there,

Did you get a chance to shoot outside with the F4 lens could I say the first two shots look slightly softer, but maybe you shot them that way the third looks pin sharp especially around your older daughters eyes it would be nice to see a few more examples if available.
I would be interested in the 70-200 f4 lens for landscape photography but not sure if its up there with the 70-200 f 2.8 for sharpness what do you think, how about the lens quality and handling compared to the older model.

Mark Ireland 5th July 2013

Hi Jason,

Just to let you know I purchased the Nikon 70-200mm F4 along with the Nikon TC 17E II both work well together.


Mark Ireland
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VividIrelandPhotography Nikon 70-200mm F4 G ED VRII

Having used the Nikon 70-200 F4 G ED VRII and the Nikon TC-17E II 1.7X Teleconverter for extended landscape photography I would say this lens is very capable of producing sharp images from F4 to F 22 handheld.
Having photographed various subjects from Landscapes, Planes, Animals,and low light subjects it has performed very well for my style of photography.

I currently use the above combination with the Nikon D3s and find the balance of the Nikon 70-200mm F4 also using a TC-17 II Teleconverter to be perfect for the D3s giving this camera a balanced weight and extended focal range when required.
Having tried out the Nikon 70-200 F2.8 VR II zoom with the TC 17 EII I found this lens to be heavy and less responsive for my photographic needs also a main factor to also consider is the loss of an extra stop of light with the F4 version.
The older 70-200mm VR II F2.8 is considered highly by many experts but upon reflection I now believe the newer Nikon 70-200 F4 G ED II model to be a sharper lens optically along with the difference in its total weight or a one stop of light reduction offers most users a modern lens that can be used all the day long for most types of photography.

If you need to freeze action the Nikon 70-200 F4 G ED II may just be that little bit slower compared to the 70-200 F2.8 model but were high ISO's and fast shutter speeds are used the F4 lens can catch most shots with astounding ease having used it in good light from F5.6 to F11 the lens tracked planes in mid flight and coped well with fast fighter aircraft of the Royal Airforce Red Arrows Display team of which I photographed lately over Carrickfergus in County Antrim late June 2013.

Overall the Nikon 70-200 F4 G ED performs well and my photographic Images have taken a new perspective and new wings! if you would like to see the image quality of the Nikon F4 lens check out my photographic galleries for pictures I also hope to add more in the coming weeks.

God Bless

Mark Ireland