PhotoBook the area about my own christian lifestyle, photography, music, Interests and my attempt to climb Mount kilimanjaro in 2009.

I have added the Good News area to the Photobook and included the contents of this section along with some pictures of training days before the Mount Kilimanjaro climb supporting the Whitewell Metropolitan Childrens Hospice in Nyeri Africa.

Further subjects will be added to Photobook and my hope is that viewers will enjoy the page, and want to return to it again.

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Mark Ireland



Link text here...Uplifting-0.2

Composer: Vivid Beyond Music
Artist: Mark.Ireland
Genre: Electronic 2022
Track length 2:16 sec

MayoWay TravelMan 22


A short video commentary on the 3 day road trip in County Mayo Ireland the person himself and his route of travel in southern Ireland. "Photobook"

Vangelis Passes


Sad news Vangelis the composer has passed away at the age of 79 he inspired me greatly through his music. Link text here... "Photobook"



Link text here...Vivid Music Track 1 RAHO

1st piece of electronic music 06:07minutes in length with the organ from the Royal Albert Hall church bells also driving arpeggios orchestral string sounds that ends in a Scottish feel.

Vivid Music Track 2 Dancing Light.1

Electronically based and comprised of synths layered sounds I composed the audio with a light sounding rhythm this music piece includes string swells being electronic in style.

Dancing Light 1.2.cpr 12.05.22
This short theme uses samples synthetic sound that represents light virtual instruments building swells and light airy dissonant organ sounds.

Vivid Music Track 4 High Mournes Kinnahallagh-01

An area in county down with a combination of electronic scoring deep string sounds in the track instrumentation and elements of swooshing wind type sound elements not your natural countryside music.

Vivid Music Track 5 New Veocity.npr copy

An ambient piece of music with foreboding melody line includes deep organ drone sounds as underline music for this short track.

Crystal Water Arp


Composing for Film

This music was recreated for the underwater scene from the 1965 film Thunderball © MGM / UA 2014. All rights reserved.
I included instrumentation including subsonic bass, tidal pad, classical male ensemble, ambient plucked strings,1970s Arp, and crystal rain within this battle scene which includes underwater bubbles, fighting, orange and black scuba divers, reflections in water, sound design film music for a short film scene with image and music © 2022 Mark Ireland.

Dolby Atmos Production


Link text here...New Gallerie

Dolby Atmos Production I would like to showcase Home Dolby Atmos with audio and video from my website.
Dolby Sound is also an area that I have an keen interest in also post production I hope to add additional content for both over the coming months.

Poems, Songs, Thoughts. No 2


Covid Test: Single A5 Image

Poems, Songs, Thoughts.
Written Words © 2020 Mark Ireland
Photography © 2020-2021
Vivid Ireland Photography

Poems Songs Thoughts


The crows they flew: Single A5 Image

Poems, Songs, Thoughts.
Written Words © 2020 Mark Ireland
Photography © 2020-2021
Vivid Ireland Photography "Photobook"