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Vivid Ireland is currently not available at present and I would hope to update this to Incorporate further photography along with designs created in Quarkxpress 8.1.2 and Quark Interactive Designer this update when available should showcase further photographic work taken with the Pentax 1ST D Camera and include newly created designs that include new features within the Quarkxpress (DTP) Desktop Publishing System and Adobe software programs.

The website will come under the Vivid Ireland Photography name and I hope it can offer viewers traditional Images of Ireland and beyond that Incorporate better design and typographic elements associated with myself it should also reflecting modern designs along with images that will inspire.

All my photographic work is reproduced complete with custom calabrated ICC profiles from monitor to printer before final output, thus giving consistant color to each print reproduction.
Old, modern and unique images are Incorporated into Vivid Ireland Photography as I enjoy creating photography that offers this as part of my photography and I mostly capture Images of Irish Landscapes and scenes of the past at this present time but also enjoy taking photography of modern scenes I hope to include photography of Africa as a new addition to my photographic portfilio later this year.

I hope you enjoy my current photographic images and explore the photography presently available all images can be purchased in large format sizes which are reproduced on the hewlett packard Z3100 large format printer If you require further details along with pricing you can contact me via this website or Email :

thank you

Mark Ireland
Vivid Ireland photography